Body Mass Index (BMI) Explained

FitTrend Team/ September 5, 2016/ FitTrend, Training/

Body Mass Index (BMI) indicates whether a person is underweight, overweight, obese, or a healthy weight for their height. It measures body fat base on weight in relation to height, and applies to most adults over 20 years of age. The overall percentile

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Fitbit Wristbands

FitTrend Team/ October 23, 2015/ FitTrend, Motivation, Sleep/

FitTrend has been designed for use with the FITBIT® platform from Fitbit, Inc. Fitbit Inc. is known for its activity trackers and wireless-enabled wearable technology devices. These devices measure data such as the number of steps walked, quality of sleep, steps climbed,

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Fit Points and Badges

FitTrend Team/ May 11, 2013/ FitTrend, Motivation/

FitTrend strives to give you as much feedback as possible about your favorite activities, weight management, sleeping patterns and more. In addition to the progress charts, FitTrend measures your activities and achievements with points and badges. You receive points every time you

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Calories and Heart Rate Reports

FitTrend Team/ March 31, 2013/ FitTrend/

Today we are announcing the addition of three new reports for calories and heart rate. They are available in your Progress Charts. The Calories Burned report will trend the total amount of calories per day, week, month, or year. Additional

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Chrome Web Store

FitTrend Team/ February 6, 2013/ FitTrend/

FitTrend, the free fitness and exercise journal, is now available on the Chrome Web Store. It is accessible for those users who enjoy using Chrome as their favorite web browser. Simply search for fittrend in the chrome web store, then click the

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Facebook and FitTrend

FitTrend Team/ December 29, 2012/ FitTrend/

FitTrend is available as a Facebook application! To connect to your existing journal, make sure your email address in FitTrend and Facebook are the same. If not, you can use update your email address in your FitTrend profile. We care about protecting

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Goodbye Summaries, Hello Achievements

FitTrend Team/ August 28, 2012/ FitTrend/

Today FitTrend announces the addition of Achievements. As a result, achievements are replacing Journal Summaries. This paves the way for us to add more features and information to help you track your workouts. Like the old Journal Summaries features, you can select different options and

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Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale

FitTrend Team/ February 25, 2012/ FitTrend/

Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale records high-accuracy weight, body fat measurements, and Body Mass Index. Additionally, you can even pick the right body type to optimize the fat mass measurement. Today, FitTrend announces support to synchronize with the Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale. Click

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New Journal Weekly Totals

FitTrend Team/ August 28, 2011/ FitTrend/

We’ve added totals for time and distance from activities on any given week. One of the advantages of FitTrend’s Journal is that you get a bird’s eye view of an entire month of activities. As you add workouts and activities

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More Fitness Journal Summaries

FitTrend Team/ August 17, 2011/ FitTrend/

Please note that as of August 2012, Journal Summaries are now available as Fitness Achievements. When the new FitTrend launched in March 2011, a new feature was introduced known as Journal Summaries. They provide you with information for your favorite activity. Additionally,

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